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To serve and represent the rapidly growing research community on network science. NetSci will act as a truly interdisciplinary body, aiming to bring under one umbrella a wide variety of researchers and stakeholders with direct interest in network science, from physics to computer science, biology, social sciences, economics, and so on.

The main mission is to undertake the type of activities that would help the Network Science community thrive, such as organizing the yearly Network Science meeting, publishing, and working to attract funds for this effort.

NetSci will accomplish this mission in the following manner:

  • Perpetuate commonality of interest and continuity of effort among researchers, enthusiasts and practitioners within the field of network science;
  • Promote the discovery and investigation of network phenomena regardless of domain area manifestation;
  • Model and analyze the innate behavior of diverse networks;
  • Characterize the manner in which networks behave in order to establish their predictability;
  • Formulate a principled and substantive approach whereby network science will mature and flourish;
  • Serve as the leading societal representative and organizational body to industry, academia, and government on behalf of its international membership;
  • Promote, advertise, and provide its members with relevant information pertaining to network science on a continual basis;
  • Support organizational activities to include symposia, workshops and annual conferences on behalf of its members whenever possible.


Current Board Members:

Raissa D'Souza, President

Yamir Moreno, VP and Secretary

Michelle Girvan, VP and Treasurer

Bruno Gonçalves, Web Chair

Adilson Motter, Erdos-Renyi Prize Chair

Catherine Cramer, Chair of Publicity and Media Relations

Vittoria Colizza, Chair Young Scientists Initiative

Stephen Uzzo, Chair of Educational Outreach

Isabel Meirelles, Chair of Design

Sandro Meloni, Chair of Web Communications

Alex Arenas

Baruch Barzel

Guido Caldarelli

Noshir Contractor

Alexandre G. Evsukoff

Petter Holme

Hawoong Jeong

Byungnam Kahng

Przemysław Kazienko

Sune Lehmann

Neo Martinez

Ann McCranie

Sandro Meloni

Fil Menczer

Ronaldo Menezes

Erez Shmueli

Olaf Sporns

Ananthram Swami

Boleslaw Szymanski

Brian Uzzi

Alessandro Vespignani

Xiaofan Wang

Katharina Zweig

A.-László Barabási, Founding President



József Baranyi, Past Treasurer